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Let's Talk LEASHES

In the beginning of owning dogs, we went through a LOT of leashes. From being torn to chewed, we were replacing leashes left and right. When we moved to North Carolina in 2018, that changed when we were introduced to the best leashes and leash company ever!

Mountain Dog Product leashes are the ONLY leashes in our house and we have not had to replace ANY since our first purchase. We believe in this company so much that we are now a part of their dealer program.

The best parts about these leashes is:

1. They are made from recycled climbing rope! 

      - So they come in awesome colors and patterns.

2. They have a LIFETIME guarantee, even on chewing!

Interested in adding a Mountain Dog leash to your life? Send us a message!


Our favorite treats & chews

Real Dog Box is a USA based company focused on the goal to educate and offer real food to pet owners. 

Their products are single ingredient air-dried treats and chews made from real, raw animal products. We cannot recommend them enough and include their Mini Treat & Chew box in our puppy packs!

This is a monthly subscription box that you can skip or cancel at any time with amazing customer service.

Check out Real Dog Box HERE




We love using snuffle mats for enrichment both as a fun activity and for meals. SuperbSnuffles is local to us and based in

Raleigh, NC with shipping options available!


Lupine pet

We love our Lupine Pet collars which have a lifetime guarantee on regular wear and tear.

We include their collars in our puppy packs and allow our puppy parents to choose from their many design options.


From puppies to adult dogs, all of our Kelly Krew Aussies love Benebone.

Another item we include in our puppy packs and offer to our puppies as soon as they being trying things out in their mouths.



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